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Donald Trump Indulges in Whopping $200 Fast-Food Feast on Long Island(h)

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When hunger pangs strike, even former presidents can’t resist the siren call of a juicy burger and crispy fries. Donald Trump recently demonstrated his hearty appetite by racking up an eye-popping $200 tab at a beloved Long Island drive-in restaurant.

The Burger Run that Sparked Headlines

After attending slain NYPD officer Jonathan Diller’s funeral in Massapequa, Trump and his team made a beeline for the All American Drive-In on Merrick Road. What ensued was a fast-food order of presidential proportions.

According to Richard Vultaggio, the drive-in’s manager, Trump’s crew descended on the classic eatery around 2 p.m. last Thursday, ravenous for an all-American feast fit for…well, a former American president.

The Mammoth Order Unveiled

So what did Trump’s $200 splurge entail? Brace yourself for this artery-clogging lineup:

Burgers Galore: These weren’t your run-of-the-mill patties. The team went all-out on some seriously stacked burgers that promised sheer bliss with every bite.

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French Fry Frenzy: What burger is complete without a heaping serving of golden, crispy fries on the side? Trump’s squad clearly didn’t skimp here.

Shake Supremacy: To wash it all down, a round of thick, velvety vanilla shakes hit the spot. A cool, creamy indulgence after all those savory delights.

But wait, there’s more! Ketchup and mustard bottles made a grand appearance too, no doubt squirted liberally over the steaming burgers and fries.

The Speedy Service

With an appetite as gargantuan as Trump’s, his team couldn’t afford to dawdle. Luckily, the efficient All American crew whipped up the mountainous order in just 10 minutes flat. Now that’s what you call a well-oiled fast-food machine!

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Trump Settles the Bill Like a Pro

Despite his past reputation for dine-and-dash antics, Trump played it by the book this time around. He paid the $200 bill via credit card and even left a “generous” cash tip for the hard-working staff, according to reports. Word is the former president thoroughly savored his indulgent feast.

The Burger Joint’s Legendary Status

All American Drive-In has been slinging out burger bliss since 1963, earning a cult following among locals and visitors alike. Its claim to fame? Outrageously tasty burgers and refreshingly cheap prices that make it a slice of pure Americana.

For just $7, you can enjoy a burger, fries (often hailed as Long Island’s best), and a creamy shake. It’s no wonder the place lured in Trump’s burger-craving appetite.

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Town Supervisor Sings Its Praises

Joseph Saladino, Oyster Bay’s Town Supervisor, was hardly surprised by Trump’s detour. He affirmed it was a “no-brainer” for the crew to hit up All American, declaring its burgers are “among the very tastiest you can find anywhere in America.”

Saladino himself swears by the quarter-pounder combo: a burger, fries, and a signature vanilla shake. When hunger calls and only sheer decadence will do, it seems even presidents can’t resist such temptations.

So while debates rage about Trump’s political legacy, one thing is clear – the man has an appetite befitting a leader…at least when it comes to devouring delicious fast food on Long Island. Whether you’re a burger buff or a presidential historian, this $200 feast is certainly food for thought.

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