North Korea Unveils “Tsunami Weapon”: Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable Drone after US, South Korea and Japan show off naval might

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North Korea raised tensions in the region on Friday by announcing the successful test of a nuclear-capable underwater drone. The test comes amidst escalating rhetoric and military posturing by the reclusive regime.

According to North Korea’s state-controlled media, the Korean People’s Army recently tested the “Haeil” underwater weapons system off the country’s southern coast. North Korean statements claimed the drone is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to create an underwater radioactive explosion or “tsunami.” No video evidence was provided to validate the success of the latest test firing.

Military technology experts remain skeptical about Pyongyang’s claims regarding the mini-submarine drone’s nuclear strike capabilities. However, analysts view the announcement as part of a calculated pattern of provocations aimed at regional adversaries.

The purported drone weapons test appears timed in response to recent joint naval exercises in the region by the United States, South Korea, and Japan. The naval drills, conducted between January 15-17th, involved the U.S. aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, Japanese helicopter carrier JS Hyūga, and other surface ships equipped with guided missiles.

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According to military officials, the purpose of the highly visible trilateral exercises was to “bolster deterrence and response mechanisms” against North Korea’s actively expanding nuclear program and ballistic missile threats.

North Korea Strongly Condemns U.S.-Led Naval Exercises as Prelude to War

North Korea stridently condemned the naval exercises, describing them as “extremely provocative and threatening” to regional security and stability. A North Korean Foreign Ministry statement suggested its regime would have no choice but to continue expanding its nuclear forces in the face of such “reckless war games” on its maritime borders.

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The belligerent North Korean reaction predicts their submarine-based nuclear forces will soon “strike horror into the hearts” of their adversaries with demonstrations of the regime’s formidable retaliatory capabilities.

In recent weeks, North Korea’s leadership has stepped up menacing rhetoric and military activities as relations plumb new lows with the U.S., South Korea, and Japan. The harsh threats and claims of sophisticated weapons tests indicate the Kim Jong Un regime intends to continue prioritizing rapid build-up of its nuclear forces and missile technologies.

North Korea Shifts Priority to Growing Nuclear Arsenal After Failed Overtures

North Korea observers note the latest submarine launched weapon claims follow a series of suspected ballistic missile, hypersonic glide vehicle and artillery tests since late December. The flurry of claimed weapons technology breakthroughs signals leader Kim Jong Un has abandoned nearly all diplomatic efforts or talk of reconciliation with South Korea or its allies.

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Having withdrawn from nuclear disarmament negotiations, the Kim regime now derides hopeful monuments and past joint declarations representing potential peaceful reunification of North and South Korea.

Analysts see the North Korean leader’s statements urging destruction of previous reunification symbols as further proof Pyongyang is undergoing an “ideological adjustment” to prioritize enhancing nuclear missiles over negotiations.

With ties to South Korea now deemed “irreversible hostility,” some experts believe the Kim regime will channel more resources toward expanding weapons programs seen as guaranteeing its isolationist government’s survival. The risky regional security impacts of North Korea’s headlong nuclear expansion remain unclear. However, recent events continue the trend of deteriorating inter-Korea relations seen as reaching the lowest levels in over a decade.



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