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Dangerous Storms: Tornado Watch Declared for Kentucky and Tennessee.

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A tornado watch has been issued for parts of Kentucky and Tennessee until 9 AM EST this morning, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). This means that conditions are favorable for the development of tornadoes in the watch area over the next several hours. Residents should be prepared to take action if a tornado warning is issued or if a tornado is spotted.

The tornado watch covers an area that includes cities like Bowling Green, Kentucky and Clarksville, Tennessee. It also includes smaller towns across south-central Kentucky and northern Middle Tennessee. According to the NWS forecasters, thunderstorms capable of producing tornadoes are expected to develop across the watch area this morning. The main threats include a couple tornadoes, scattered damaging winds up to 70 mph, and isolated hail up to the size of ping pong balls.

Tornado watches are issued by the NWS when forecasters believe thunderstorms with the potential to generate tornadoes are likely in the designated area over the upcoming hours. Watches are typically issued for 4 to 8 hours in advance. They indicate to residents that they need to be ready to act quickly if warnings are issued or if a tornado is spotted. Watches cover large geographic areas, so not every community in the watch will experience severe weather. However, anyone located in a tornado watch needs to monitor conditions closely.

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Once the NWS detects a tornado within a watch area via weather radar or through spotter reports, it will then issue a tornado warning. Warnings indicate imminent danger to those in the path of the storm, and that residents must take shelter immediately. Warnings typically cover much smaller geographic areas, like individual counties or towns. The NWS provides details about the tornado’s location and projected path in each warning.

The latest tornado watch encompasses an area home to over 2 million people. This includes major population centers like Bowling Green, home to more than 60,000 residents, and Clarksville with a population of around 150,000. Smaller rural communities are also included in the watch. Based on the number of people living in the tornado watch area, the potential exposure includes:

  • Population: 2,106,825
  • Schools: 805
  • Hospitals: 60

With a dangerous severe weather threat on the horizon, residents across the watch area should ensure their emergency plans are in order. Steps to take include identifying a safe room in your home, learning your community’s warning sirens, and preparing supplies. Make sure cell phones are fully charged so warnings can be received. And know where to take shelter if a tornado is approaching, either a specially reinforced safe room or interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building.

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Stay tuned to local media, including radio and TV, for the latest warnings and reports. The NWS also provides critical weather updates via social media and Wireless Emergency Alerts. Remain alert to changing conditions through the morning. If a warning is issued, act immediately to protect yourself and loved ones from a potential tornado.

In addition to the threat of tornadoes, some severe thunderstorms in the watch area could produce isolated damaging winds up to 70 mph. This could lead to some downed trees and power lines. The storms may also generate hail up to ping pong ball size, which can damage vehicles and crops. Make sure any pets or livestock are brought inside during severe weather.

The tornado watch may be extended farther east into additional parts of Tennessee, western Virginia and eastern Kentucky later this morning as storms develop. Continue monitoring radar and warnings closely even if your area is not initially included. Have multiple ways to receive alerts in case one method fails. Advanced planning and quick response to warnings are keys to staying safe when tornadoes are possible.

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The NWS Storm Prediction Center issues tornado watches when forecast models and meteorologists detect the potential for severe thunderstorm development with rotating updrafts. Watch areas are defined to include regions with the highest probabilities. Tornadoes sometimes form suddenly without much notice, which makes advance preparation critically important.

Although having a tornado watch in effect is unsettling, it is much better to receive ample warning when conditions favor tornado formation. This enables residents to be ready to spring into action if imminent danger approaches. Follow all instructions from local emergency managers carefully during severe weather. And never try to get an up-close view of a tornado, as just being near the storm can be deadly.

With the tornado watch in effect until late morning for Kentucky and Tennessee, stay alert for updates. Having a safety plan and following weather alerts could save your life if a tornado heads your way. Remain vigilant and don’t let your guard down. The NWS and emergency teams are working to provide the enhanced warnings made possible by weather technology and storm detection improvements in recent years. Utilize these alerts so you have time to protect yourself and family from tornadoes during this dangerous severe weather outbreak.

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